Brain Health

EEG Brain Mapping

Part of obesity is the effect on your brain, ranging from cognitive dulling and brain fog, to attention deficit and problems concentrating, depression, anxiety, and addiction issues. Using a revolutionary technique of biofeedback combined with state-of-the-art EEG technology, we can map your brain activity as shown in these images, and generate a thorough Cognitive Analysis report. Specific areas of the brain are then targeted for photic stimulation and biofeedback directly through the EEG leads in order to return the brain's functioning to normal.

Neuro Map Sample

The Neuro-Map shows red areas in the frontal lobes indicating an abnormally fast beta frequency. This is correlated with symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. However, the NeuroMap is Normal after 8 sessions which is reflected by the green areas and correlates to reduced anxiety and improved sleep .

NeuroIntegration Therapy FAQs

Emotional Eating

EVOX Voice Activated Biofeedback

By measuring a person's vocal cord tension, rather than the meaning of words, we can biofeedback hidden, deep and often strong emotions without the patient having to relive or verbalize difficult issues. This modality can propel a therapeutic issue forward without interruption by using signature imprints such as vocal cord tension or galvanic skin resistance, and delivering biofeedback pleasantly. Useful for patients dealing with relationship problems, addictions, trauma or emotional issues. Must be used in conjunction with individual or group psychotherapy.

Zyto Technology Explained

Cognitive Analysis Report

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