Therapeutic Movement

Our bodies are designed to move naturally and with ease. Additional weight disrupts this process by causing pain, inflammation, injury, limited movement, and fatigue causing a vicious cycle of sedentary lifestyle. It hurts to move when you are obese, and it is dangerous to your health not to move. Being sedentary increases your risk of death, but also increases weakness, muscle cell atrophy and pain.

At Stein Wellness Centers, we teach Therapeutic Movement . Maintaining weight loss is about being healthy and active, one small movement at a time. Based on your individual medical history and physical strength, fitness, endurance, and flexibility, we design a movement program for you that is both enjoyable and achieveable. Imagine how nice it feels to stretch, to reach, to bend, to walk without suffering!

Therapeutic Yoga

Carol More, RYT, MBA will provide you with a highly personalized yoga, breath awareness and meditation program to support your specific weight loss success. Yoga is not a religion, but exercise that deepens the mind/body connection through a series of carefully sequenced poses tailored for your specific physical abilities. Enjoy improved energy, strength, flexibility and muscle tone as you progress through your health goals. Learn breath awareness exercises to complement good sleep habits and reduce anxiety. Expect personalized attention and instruction as you meet your interim weight goals. These yoga classes are structured for anyone, any age, in any physical condition. Props (chairs, blankets, mats, bolsters, blocks, straps) will be provided by Stein Wellness Centers.


Whole Body Vibration Treatment:

Many obese patients are deconditioned, weakened and inflexible, and have chronic pain. "Moving More" may not be a realistic option. The use of vibration therapy has been shown to relax muscles and joints, relieving pain without the use of prescription drugs.

At Stein Wellness Centers, we offer Whole Body Vibration to start your therapeutic movement program. Originally used by astronauts to prevent and reverse bone loss, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is rapidly becoming a popular treatment for anyone from athletes, to patients in physical therapy to casual exercisers. Studies have demonstrated improved strength, flexibility, range of motion, bone density, and balance in regular users. Patients also experience improved circulation and pain relief.

VibePlate produces only fine-tuned upward vibrations, with no awkward side-to-side vibrations, making it easy to stand or sit on, or do exercises. Even just 15 minutes per day, 3 days per week spent on the VibePlate can strengthen, tone and stimulate an individual’s muscles and skeletal system. In less than one hour per week, many users find themselves with less pain and more energy than they’ve had in years!